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Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs Presents MOU Signature Formality Between NEXCOM and Energid on Exclusive Co-Developing Cutting-Edge Advanced Robot Solution

NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. - K116
Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs presents mutual co-development of the cutting-edge robot solution; relative industrial media and journalists will simultaneously be reporting the event.

Service JDC Facebook fan page Like + share our page will earn you gifts!

Mobile Service Cloud JDC. - I1327
During the exhibition, if you come to Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. Service JDC booth (I1327) and like + share our Service JDC facebook page, you will earn special gifts!
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Mobile Fieldwork Management Seminar

Mobile Service Cloud JDC. - I1327
We will be hosting three seminars everyday during the exhibition period. We will welcome your presence with small gifts!
Date: 2017/9/6 (Wed) – 2017/9/9 (Sat)
Challenge traditional thinking! The new trend of cloud field management.
Sky is the limit!”Asahi & Mercuries Co., Ltd is successful in management after installing Service JDC.
The future technology world!” New strategy for industries to profit in this digital world.
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Beijing JingDiao training promotion

1 Home Enterprise Co., Ltd - I106
Promotion for Beijing Jingdiao training: List price is NT$35000, special price in seminar is NT$32000, 10 seats only, please ask for details in our booth I106.